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Jail Inmate Searches

Thank you for choosing Jail Inmate Searches to find your friend or loved one. This inmate search site will allow you to get information on anybody that was just recently arrested. Depending on the jail and local requirements of the detention centers the following information is usually made readily available:

  • Inmate Name
  • Booking Number
  • Case Number
  • Charges
  • Next Court Date

How to use Jail Inmate Searches

Select from the menu the State and City of where you think someone is held as an inmate. You will have the option to either call the local jail or you can do one of the jail inmate searches yourself in one the databases. Either search is going to require you to provide at least one of the following information:

  • Inmates Name
  • Social Security Number
  • Date of Birth

Call the Local Jail Inmate Searches Phone Number

This is usually the fastest and most convenient way of searching for someone in jail since you will be talking to a live person. To start your search, select from the menu the state and city of where you think someone is held as an inmate. Then just call the local Jail Inmate Searches phone number. A friendly operator will help you find someone in the jails and provide you with all the information.

Use the Jail Inmate Searches Database

Select from the menu the state and city of where you think someone is held as an inmate. The Jail Inmate Searches database allows for searching of any person in the jail, with sometimes just the first few letters of their last name. If you are experiencing difficulty just call the local search number and the trained staff will be able to provide you with help.

Cannot Find Someone in Jail

If you cannot find someone in jail then the following could be possible:

  • The inmate is not fully processed into the jail: It usually takes 1-5 hours to be fully processed into the detention center.
  • The inmate has already been released.
  • The person you are looking for was not arrested.

How to Get an Inmate Out of Jail

Most people do not realize that they can almost immediately get out of any jail by paying the bail. Once the jail has fully processed an inmate, their bail information will be made available.  There are two ways to pay for this bail and get out of jail:

  • Pay the full bail amount at the jail. This is the most expensive option since the jail requires the full amount to be paid, which could be in the tens of thousands of dollars.
  • Pay only a small percentage of the full bail to a reputable bail bonds company. This is the cheapest and fastest option to get someone freed from jail now.

Jail Release Times

The release times can range from 1 to 16 hours or more pending which jail and how busy they are. Some jails have set release times. Call the Jail Inmate Searches phone number by choosing from the above menu the state and city of where the detention facility is for their release schedule.