Man who attacked officer with baseball bat admits revenge

The man who attacked a Clark County Detention Center officer on Wednesday with a baseball bat admits that revenge was his motive. Police arrested the man after the attack and he was booked into the Clark County Detention Center with the charge of attempted murder as well as assault with a deadly weapon, among other charges.

The attack occurred when the man, identified as Michael Law, 25, entered the Clark County Detention Center front lobby with a baseball bat. Law entered the building through the primary visitor’s entrance opening from Casino Center Drive. This was later corroborated by witnesses and video surveillance. The man then immediately swung the bat at a nearby officer. He hit the officer at least four times, with blows landing upon his head, neck, jaw and fingers. Law swung the bat anywhere from 20 to 30 times, but not all the blows connected with the officer. Other police officers in the lobby quickly rushed to the aid of the victim and eventually managed to restrain the assailant. Law was also reportedly in the process of pulling out a large knife when he was restrained.

Both the injured officer and Law were taken to nearby Las Vegas hospitals, with the officer ending up at the University Medical Center Trauma department, and Law at another area hospital. Law was reportedly concealing plastic-wrapped identification in his boxer shorts. He later stated that he had put it in his anal cavity to make it hard for the corrections officers.

After Law was arrested, he stated that he entered the Clark County Detention Center with the intention to swing at the first officer he spotted. He picked that particular location as he believed that it would have plenty of officers to choose from. He further said that he was angry at police for not coming to his aid during a robbery earlier in the month.

Officials at the Clark County Detention Center said they were surprised by how brazen the man was in planning the strike.

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